WARNING: fake email in circulation claiming to be from the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Note: a fake email impersonating the Port of Rotterdam Authority is in circulation (see image below).

Have you also received an email from in which you are asked to send your payment confirmations for invoices from December 2014 and January and February 2015, and in which it is claimed that we need these documents because the method of payment for these invoices is to be changed? Please be warned.

It may seem that this email was sent by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. This is not the case. In the email address to which you are asked to send information ‘rotterdam’ is misspelled as ‘ortterdam’. Furthermore, we would never ask a question of this nature in an email. Have you also received this email? Then please let us know

At this point in time we have been able to rule out the possibility that our customer database was hacked.

We are conducting further investigation regarding the source and will fix this issue as soon as possible.

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