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Watch out for fake copies of our website

28 January 2019
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Criminals regularly set up fake copies of our website to lure existing or potential clients into disclosing confidential information or paying fraudulent invoices. In some cases, these fake sites are almost an exact copy of the Port of Rotterdam website and virtually indistinguishable from the real site. Cybercriminals don’t just copy the layout of our site – they often use URLs that are very similar to the one used by the Port Authority. This adds to the impression of legitimacy. For this reason, always check whether you are navigating within And please be extra cautious when you are directed to our website from an email or other channel.

Screenshot with correct and incorrect url of the website

Unfortunately, it is extremely simple for criminals to copy legitimate websites. For example, the websites of companies located in Rotterdam’s port area are frequently copied to scam unwitting visitors. One variant that is becoming increasingly current are websites for storage spoofing. Storage spoofing is the sale of non-existent storage capacity, raw materials or other stocks, which the criminal claims to hold at terminals in Rotterdam’s port area.

For this reason, please always check whether you have navigated to the correct URL and whether you are actually communicating with the firm in question. If the URL appears to contain a typo or spelling mistake, there is a strong chance that it was set up by criminals for the specific purpose of misleading visitors to the legitimate website.

Have you come across a fake site that presents itself as the official Port of Rotterdam Authority website, or do you have doubts about a website associated with the Port Authority? Please notify us via the contact form on our site.