Photo gallery

This page includes portraits of the Port of Rotterdam Authority board members, as well as various images that give an impression of Rotterdam’s port area. All photographs are royalty-free and free to use, provided you clearly state the photographer and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.
Would you like to produce your own photographs or video footage of the port area? Towards the bottom of this page, we have included a map indicating which locations are open to the public for shooting photos or video footage.

The smart port

    • Piles 83 with solarpanels
    • Ramlab 3D printer
    • Floating solar panels

The sustainable port

    • Wind turbines
    • LNG gas tanker
    • LNG tanker vehicle

The safe port

    • Royal Boatmen with container ship
    • Traffic centre Botlek
    • Scaffolding construction in the port

The accessible port

    • Theemswegtracé impression
    • Freight transport containers
    • Transferium Maasvlakte

Business in the port

    • Aerial view distripark Waalhaven
    • RDM grofsmederij
    • Tank storage Maasmond

Proud of the port

    • Container ship with Dutch flag
    • Skyline Rotterdam City
    • View Maasvlakte

Nature and recreation in the port

    • Maasmond entrance to the port of Rotterdam
    • Recreational Beach Quarantine
    • Sea of flowers with ferry


    • FutureLand information centre
    • FutureLand Ferry
    • Maasvlakte tour with the FutureLand Ferry

Port of Rotterdam Authority

    • General management Port of Rotterdam
    • Allard Castelein, CEO
    • Allard Castelein, CEO
    • Ronald Paul, COO
    • Ronald Paul, COO
    • Vivienne de Leeuw, CFO
    • Vivienne de Leeuw, CFO
    • René de Vries, Harbour Master of Rotterdam
    • René de Vries, Harbour Master of Rotterdam

Want to take your own images?

The port of Rotterdam is one of the most photogenic places in the Netherlands. Curious about where you can find the most beautiful images? The Port Authority has developed a special web app for both hobby and professional photographers, listing all locations for public filming and photography.

View the locations on the web app

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