An accessible port

Working together to ensure optimum accessibility of the port of Rotterdam

Excellent accessibility is of vital importance to the port of Rotterdam. Together with its partners, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is committed to ensuring that the port remains accessible. By land and rail as well as by water. Important in this respect are the interests of customers and other users, the distinguishing features of the port of Rotterdam and sustainability.

Within the port and industrial complex, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is responsible for developing and improving the four modes: inland shipping, rail, road and pipelines. We do this by making infrastructural improvements ourselves and by collaborating with other parties that play a role in the freight flows to the hinterland.

Logistics hub of Europe

In order to strengthen the port’s position as the largest logistics and industrial hub of Europe, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is cooperating with various partners to further improve accessibility. The Container Transferium in Alblasserdam is an example of such a project. The Transferium is intended to relieve traffic on the A15 and reduce particulate matter emissions.


PortXchange is an application that shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers can use to optimally plan, execute and monitor all activities during a port call. This includes pilotage, terminal use and bunker services.

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De Verkeersonderneming

Making and keeping Rotterdam accessible: that is the purpose of De Verkeersonderneming (the implementing agency in the Rotterdam region for the ‘Better Usage’ programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment). Within De Verkeersonderneming, the Port of Rotterdam Authority works together with other parties to make and keep Rotterdam accessible by making clever use of infrastructure, travel and work.

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