Explanation of the port signposting system

Find your way around Rotterdam’s port and industrial area more quickly by means of the port number or shore site number. Port numbers are there for (freight) vehicle traffic, shore site numbers for shipping. This port signposting works as follows.

Port numbers

Every company and every site in the port of Rotterdam has a port number. The numbers run from east to west. On the northern (right-hand) bank are the numbers from 100 to 1000, on the southern (left-hand) bank from 1000 to 9900.

The port numbers can be found on the signposts, along all roads in and around the port of Rotterdam.
If you know the port number of the company, you can follow the directions on the signs. At the entrance, shed or gate of your destination you will find the port number.

Information panels

If you do not know the port number of your destination, you can look this up in the alphabetical list of companies at one of the information points. These can be found at petrol stations or parking areas along the approach roads into Rotterdam.

These information panels – which have a map of the port of Rotterdam – are indicated along the motorways by means of this sign.

Hazardous materials

If you are carrying hazardous materials, you must follow the hazardous materials route. As a result, you will sometimes have to deviate from the numbers indicated on the signposts. You will keep ending up on the port signposting route, however.

In addition, the entire shoreline along the river, canal or port basin is numbered with a shore site number every 100 metres. These can be found on quays, slopes and jetties.

The system is the same as for the port numbers (from east to west, on the northern (right-hand) bank from 100 - 1000, on the southern (left-hand) bank from 1000 - 9900). Every port basin has a separate series of numbers. Partly due to this, the numbers are not always consecutive. Depending on the length of the shore site, a company can have one or more shore site numbers which, in most cases, correspond with the port number.

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