Port development Eemhaven

The Eemhaven in Rotterdam is undergoing a unique redevelopment. This historically important port area is further adapted and expanded into a short-sea cluster. Various service providers are working together in the Eemhaven on an optimal chain for short-sea containers. The port offers an excellent connection to the hinterland and provides trimodal access for the efficient handling of short-sea containers and reefers.

Historically important port

The Eemhaven has an important history. This is where the handling of containers in the Netherlands started in 1966. European Container Terminals (ECT) established the first container terminal of Rotterdam on the site. Until late 2015, both short-sea and deep-sea activities took place in the Eemhaven. With the construction of Maasvlakte 2, a large part of the deep-sea container handling has moved there. The sites that have become available as a result (including because of the closure of the ECT Home Terminal in late 2015) are now being redeveloped.

Redevelopment offers opportunities

The relocation of deep-sea activities creates space in the Eemhaven. It allows companies already located there to move to more optimal locations in order to facilitate the logistics chain as effectively as possible. A number of companies will also expand their facilities. The redevelopment also provides opportunities for companies that offer new services to establish themselves there.

Rotterdam Cool Port

One of them is Rotterdam Cool Port: a fully dedicated, modern crossdock / distribution centre for refrigerated and frozen cargo. The refrigeration and freezer warehouse with 40,000 pallet spaces offers all facilities for repackaging, sorting and packaging of refrigerated and frozen cargo. The first phase of Rotterdam Cool Port is expected to be operational at the end of the first quarter of 2017. The port area provides the possibility for expansion for this specific cargo flow during a second phase.

Crossdocking and empty depot

In addition to Cool Port, the Port Authority has the ambition to establish a crossdock facility for conventional freight. This will allow containers to be efficiently repackaged in trailers and vice versa. The existing empty depot capacity will be expanded to support the growth of the short-sea cluster.

Location and hinterland connections

Eemhaven is located approximately 30 kilometres inland and offers a quick connection to the hinterland thanks to its strategic location on the A4 and A15, among others. All conceivable modalities are available. Rail Service Center Rotterdam (RSC), for instance, is also located in the port area. From the Eemhaven, short-sea transport shipments can continue to their final destination by road, rail or inland shipping. 

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A summary of the Eemhaven

  • The port area is fully dedicated to short-sea container handling
  • A location in the port of Rotterdam
  • Excellent cooling facilities thanks to Rotterdam Cool Port
  • Crossdock facilities are being developed
  • Efficient and reliable intermodal connections (rail, inland shipping and road) due to its favourable location near the A4 and A15 and the Rail Service Center
  • Empty depot capacity


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