Reinforcement of Nassaukade

The Nassaukade at the head of Feijenoord in Rotterdam needs to be reinforced. This quay was originally constructed in 1905 and was further modified in 1951 and 1984. The quay now requires additional work to safeguard it for the future. The works will take place from mid-August 2019 through February 2020. Contracted by the Port Authority, the project will be implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Rotterdam.


A slope construction will be used to reduce inconvenience for the surrounding area, particularly for the site behind the quay wall where the Upfield factory is located. The slope construction will be installed in front of the existing quay wall. The construction will comprise a core of sand and will be protected by a layer of rubble on special mattresses (collar mattresses).


The works will take place along the Nassaukade by the Upfield factory.
The following works will be carried out:

  • the silt layer by the quay will be dredged
  • sand will be introduced for the ‘core’ of the slope
  • a layer of stones on special mattresses (collar mattresses) will be laid to protect the ‘core’ from propeller wash erosion.

The works will be visible and audible. As not much working space is available on land, the works will mainly take place from the water. Various types of work boats will operate in Koningshaven and Nassauhaven. We are reliant on current and tide conditions for the sand and stone laying works. This may mean that works will take place outside standard working hours.

Temporary pump system

A ‘temporary pump system’ will be installed on the quay at Oranjeboomstraat to enable the works to be carried out. The pump system was located originally on the Upfield site, but is in the way of the works. Once the works are finished in February 2020, the ‘temporary pump system’ will be removed and the Upfield site pump system will become operational again.

Water taxi

The water taxi stand will be moved for the works from the Upfield site to a location a few hundred metres towards the Hef. This is a permanent relocation. It will improve the area’s accessibility by water.

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