In Rotterdam’s port complex, the port (or first) section of the Betuwe Route is to be redirected. The new route, the Theemswegtracé, will be completed in november 2021 and will provide a solution to the problems associated with the Calandbrug near Rozenburg.

The Theemswegtracé is approximately 4km long and will run from Merseyweg, over a raised railway viaduct along Theemsweg, all the way up to Moezelweg via Neckarweg. The railway line will pass 2 arched bridges (by the Thomassen Tunnel and the Rozenburgse Sluis) and link up again with the existing track where it meets the A15. Modifications are being made to roads, railway lines, cables and pipeline corridors in connection with the construction of the Theemswegtracé.

Problems with rail transport

The Theemswegtracé provides a solution to the problems associated with the Calandbrug near Rozenburg. This steel vertical lift bridge for rail, road and slow traffic in the Rotterdam port area is the connecting link in the Betuwe Route to the hinterland. For ocean shipping, the vertical lift bridge provides access to the Brittanniëhaven.
A capacity bottleneck for rail traffic is anticipated, due to the expected growth in rail transport, as well as ocean shipping traffic to and from the Brittanniëhaven.

Importance of access to port of Rotterdam

Good accessibility and a good connection with the hinterland are very important for the port of Rotterdam. By road, by rail and by water. For this reason, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is investing in the Theemswegtracé, along with the Government and the European Union. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is coordinating and realising the project in conjunction with ProRail. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment made the decision to build the Theemswegtracé.

A description of the project, the procedure and all documents can be found at in Dutch)


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