Waalhaven area development

The Waalhaven is the world’s largest man-made harbour basin. Digging started at the edge of Charlois in 1907. It is an area where port and city overlap.

Heavy industry has since moved further into the port, creating extra space. The Port of Rotterdam Authority, the municipality and businesses have taken the opportunity of jointly redeveloping the area into the port of Rotterdam’s centre for port-related business services, cargo handling, distribution and light industry. The shared maritime and/or logistical involvement brings about synergy.

The Waalhaven remains an integral part of Rotterdam’s port-industrial cluster. Add to that its excellent accessibility (including by public transport) and the relatively short distance to the city centre, residential districts and businesses in the other ports, and the appeal of the area as a business location immediately becomes apparent.

To promote the connection with Charlois and the professional image of the area, a lot of money is being invested in the public outdoor area and the restoration and renovation of the buildings.
For this reason the Waalhaven parking regulations stipulate that the long-term parking of containers and trucks is prohibited in the public space.


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