Mission, vision and strategy

World-class European port

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is an autonomous company with two shareholders, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch state, established to develop the port of Rotterdam.


The Port of Rotterdam Authority creates economic and social value by working with customers and stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth in the world-class port.


"We continually improve the port of Rotterdam to make it the safest, most efficient and most sustainable port in the world. We create value for our customers by developing logistics chains, networks and clusters, in both Europe and growth markets worldwide. As an enterprising port developer, the Port Authority is the partner for world-class clients. In this way, we are also strengthening the competitive position of the Netherlands."


In order to be competitive and remain the best port in Europe, in the period ahead we will be investing actively, together with our customers and stakeholders, in the sustainable growth of the port and industrial complex, so that this will continue to create social and economic value in the future.

In the period ahead, we will put every effort into new growth markets and, at the same time, invest in existing growth markets and mature markets in which the port is market leader. The Port of Rotterdam Authority will create a vital area offering excellent business conditions for both existing and new customers, extend the international port network, and focus on the development of sustainable and efficient logistics chains, clusters and modes of transport. Naturally, we will guarantee sufficient investment capital for the long term.

Within these corporate strategy targets, we have set the following top priorities for the coming period:

  • Put extra effort into developing new growth markets, such as bio-based and offshore.
  • Invest in overarching infrastructure (energy, transport, utilities, data) for a sustainable and competitive industrial cluster.
  • Invest in further improving the efficiency of maritime, inter-terminal and hinterland transport and connectivity of hinterland connections.
  • Play an active role in the development of data and data applications in the logistics chain.
  • Develop space by restructuring and modernising, including actively directing environmental space and accessibility.
  • Increase the service level of the port for our customers (ease of doing business), among other things nautical services, targeted investment and pricing policy, and in the field of obtaining permits, procedures, enforcement and supervision.
  • Create an excellent climate for innovation.

In order to achieve our targets and strategic priorities, the Port Authority adopts the position of enterprising developer, focusing on the customer and working towards a flexible, efficient organisation and excellent quality from its personnel.

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