Reducing CO2 emissions: shipping must deliver its fair share

In December 2016, members of the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament voted in favour of an amendment which will include maritime shipping in the European Union Emission. Trading Scheme (EU ETS) if the International Maritime Organization (IMO) fails to deliver concrete measures and CO2 reduction targets to reduce the emissions from shipping by 2023.

As maritime shipping is a global industry and climate change is a global challenge, the Port of Rotterdam strongly believes that IMO is the right level to address the issue of CO2 emissions from shipping. However, we believe that the European Union can help to achieve the desired results by creating the right incentives and the pressure to deliver concrete results.

For this reason, the Port of Rotterdam endorses the efforts of the European Parliament to include shipping in the revised EU ETS, if IMO fails to develop concrete measures for shipping by 2023. If international agreement is reached by 2023, EU measures to include shipping in the EU ETS must however be repealed. Furthermore, we believe that the revised EU ETS should be fully aligned with the IMO timeline. Together with other European stakeholders, amongst which ESPO, the Port of Rotterdam aims to make sure that the IMO timeline is taken into account so that global shipping can deliver its ‘fair share’ to CO2 reduction which is in the interest of the shipping industry, ports and society as a whole.

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