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Revised Port Vision 2030 in progress

Disruptive trends such as energy transition, raw material transition and digitisation are changing the world around us fundamentally and irrevocably. This is also affecting the Rotterdam port and industrial complex. This was the reason for the Port of Rotterdam Authority - together with the government, the province of South Holland, the municipality of Rotterdam and Deltalinqs and numerous other stakeholders - to revise the Port Vision 2030. This reassessment describes the future prospects for the port and industrial complex on the basis of current insights and replaces the port vision from 2011.

The provisional port vision is now before the Rotterdam City Council and is expected to be adopted after this summer.

The Port Vision 2030 sets out the ambitions for the future of the port of Rotterdam. The Port Vision is like a compass: ambitions are a spot on the horizon, even when circumstances change. Flexibility is the keyword. Industry and logistics have been the pillars of the port of Rotterdam for decades, thanks to its favourable location and an entrepreneurial spirit: daring to take action with a clear vision. The port is of great value to the region, the Netherlands and Europe. This goes far beyond euros and employment.

Port Compass, the Port Vision 2030, has been developed in dialogue with numerous companies, authorities and interest groups and has been unanimously laid down by the Rotterdam City Council on 15 December 2011.

Success factors

The Port Vision 2030 will not become a reality on its own accord. In a wide range of areas action is needed to ensure that companies can operate optimally within the Global Hub and within Europe’s Industrial Cluster. The Port Vision therefore describes ten success factors that are crucial. Each of them relates to a certain aspect of the port and for each of them an ambition has been formulated.


Since September 2012, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has been working hard together with Deltalinqs, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Province of South-Holland and the Dutch national government to realise all the points of action laid down in the Implementation Agenda of the Port Vision 2030. Its progress is reported every year. The Progress Report 2014 summarizes progress made in 2013. It also includes a Priorities Calendar 2014-2015. The third annual report on the progress of the implementation agenda Port Vision 2030 has been established in 2015. The most recent Progress Report is only available in Dutch.

Read the Port Vision

Read the Port Vision online or download the Port Vision.

Pillars of the Port Vision

The Global Hub and Europe’s Industrial Cluster are the pillars on which the Port Vision 2030 is based.

Implementation Agenda Port Vision 2030

The key question in the implementation agenda is: 'What are we going to do to realise the Port Vision 2030'?

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