The Port Authority stimulates positive activities in Rotterdam

In cooperation with its partners, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is developing the premier world-class European port. We are doing this with attention to quality and our environment. This means growth, but in a balanced manner. It is important to the port that the living and social environment in the region is of a high quality. We aim to minimise the negative impacts of the port on the environment as much as possible. At the same time, we want to stimulate the positive effects on the economy and employment. Our sponsorship and donation policy reflects this.

Policies and sponsorship projects

To the extent possible the Port of Rotterdam Authority takes the initiative in terms of sponsorship and donations. Our sponsorship activities are also very targeted. We sponsor Rotterdam icons with a strong focus on the concepts of leadership, working towards world class and heart for the environment.

DeltaPORT Donation Fund

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Deltalinqs form the core of the DeltaPORT Donation Fund. Numerous companies donate to the fund. With the fund, the port and industrial businesses emphasise their social commitment. The companies give financial contributions to non-profit organisations. These organisations are active in the fields of culture, welfare, sport and recreation in the immediate vicinity of the Rotterdam port and industrial area.

Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee

The Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee supports projects and initiatives for the benefit and well-being of seamen in Rotterdam. Volunteer organisations, churches and entrepreneurs who want to do something positive for seamen can make an appeal to this committee. The Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee is a joint initiative of Deltalinqs, VRC and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.


Want to know more about sponsorship? Please contact:

Heike Stok
Secretary sponsorship committee
010 252 1053

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