Container tracking made simple

No more surprises

Boxinsider provides accurate and reliable information so shippers and forwarders can optimize their planning and keep customers happy.
• Reliable ETA's of vessels, deep sea terminals and inland terminals
• Know when containers are available and on its way
• Smart notifications warn of potential deviations

Save time

Users get direct access to the information they need. Boxinsider eliminates the need to manually search and retype container event data.
• Spend 20-50% less time on tracking containers
• One dashboard for all your containers
• Easy integration into existing workflows through an API


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Erik van de Kamp
Business Lead, Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 46 26 45 95
Donald Baan
Donald Baan
Business Manager Logistics
+31 (0)10 252 1321
Winnie Wener Port of Rotterdam
Winnie Wener
Business Manager Shippers & Forwarders
+31 (0)6 15823 813

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