Rotterdam is the world's port of choice for container cargo flowing to and from Europe. During the journey through this network, containers are handled by many different operators. Shippers and forwarders like to keep a constant eye on their supply chain. The need to know exactly when their containers are set to arrive, what their status is at the terminal or if there are any delays or other hiccups that require swift action.

For this purpose, they rely on information they manually gather from several websites. This is a rather cumbersome task. Furthermore, the information gathered may be incomplete or even incorrect. Not having access to reliable up-to-date information can lead to very costly planning mistakes. That's why we have come up with Boxinsider. Boxinsider is a reliable and easy to use track and trace solution for container cargo.

How does Boxinsider work

  • Boxinsider combines and cross checks container events data from multiple sources.
  • This includes container status information from vessels, deep sea terminals and inland terminals.
  • Shippers, forwarders and other users can track import and export containers during their journey based on the following information: the vessel's ETA, ATA, ETD, ATD at the terminals. And the container gate in and gate out at the deep-sea terminal, inland terminals and empty depots.
  • Based on this information users can monitor their cargo flow and make planning adjustments accordingly.
  • Smart notifications warn of potential deviations so operational adjustments can be made.
  • Boxinsider works as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated into existing systems and workflows through an API.

The key benefits of Boxinsider

  • Boxinsider puts its users in control. Boxinsider provides more accurate and reliable information and puts all into a convenient single central overview. This overview helps shippers and forwarders to schedule, monitor and manage operations much more effectively.
  • Boxinsider saves valuable time. Users get direct access to the information they need. Boxinsider eliminates the need to manually search and retype container event data.

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Erik van de Kamp
Business Lead, Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 46 26 45 95
Donald Baan
Donald Baan
Business Manager Logistics
+31 (0)10 252 1321
Winnie Wener Port of Rotterdam
Winnie Wener
Business Manager Shippers & Forwarders
+31 (0)6 15823 813

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