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Why Navigate?

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it’s really normal to search for and compare service providers online. However, many ports still market their services in a classical way. Attending trade fairs and events, advertising, sending mailings and writing on their website about the great port infrastructure. However, what the user is really looking for, is insight into the connections offered by a port. They want to be able to see how they can transport their freight quickly and efficiently from a to b.

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See how it works

Find, compare and connect

That’s where Navigate for Ports can help. Navigate is an online platform that puts your port's entire network of connections at the fingertips of all those that make use of your port. The tool lets users compare various connections to and from your port and helps them plan their optimal cargo routes. They can select the most suitable option based on their own criteria like preferred modalities, transit time or CO2 emissions. Of course, more information or a quotation can be requested with just a few clicks.

Everybody benefits

Our aim is that everyone benefits. Navigate is built for the industry and with the industry:
* Operators in your port become more visible
* Shippers and forwarders are more easily able to find and compare routes
* Ports can provide their users with an overview of all connections

Easy integration, proven results

The Navigate platform can be easily integrated into your existing website. This gives users easy access to the platform from any pc or mobile device. The tool has already proven itself for container ports around the world and is continually being improved – to the benefit of any port using it, without need for further investments.

3-Months free trial

Try Navigate for your port free of charge for 3 months. If it does not meet your needs, you have no further obligations. Within five working days, you could already have the Navigate application up and running for your port.


Would you like to know more? Or request a demo?

Wouter Buck
Wouter Buck
Product Lead Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 42476582
Govert Geerlings
Govert Geerlings
Digital Business Solutions - proposition manager
Patrick Gommers
Patrick Gommers
Business Manager

Part of the Routescanner platform

Navigate is built on data of the Routescanner platform. Routescanner is becoming a global platform that provides insight into all routes for worldwide container transport and helps users to find, compare and choose the best options. From door to door and completely neutral. Operators share their schedules directly with Routescanner, meaning the schedules available in Navigate are built on first party data: accurate and reliable.

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