For many ports, rail transport is a vital component of an extensive network of hinterland connections. It is a reliable and cost-effective modality that puts nearby distribution centres and other destinations within reach. It has the added benefit of having a modest carbon footprint.

In a perfect rail chain, all parties would have access to the same accurate real-time information such as capacity, scheduling and status information. This is currently not the case. HaROLD provides insight in the expected time of arrival (ETA) and terminal handling of trains by providing a shared view of accurate rail and cargo information across the entire chain.

How does the Rail Logistics Dashboard work?

  • A single point of truth

    All users share a single point of truth for all trains that are moving to and from the port.

  • Accurate information
Users get the most accurate information available such as a train’s location, destination, expected and actual time of arrival and departure, time slot and progress at the terminal.

  • Smart filters
    Smart filters based on relevant parameters allow users to zoom in on specific information.
  • Real-Time Updates
    Real-time progress and status updates help users adjust their operations accordingly.
  • Insights

    Accurate information and insights offered by the HaROLD allow for better operational decision-making and performance monitoring.
  • Logging and reporting
    Various messaging, logging and reporting tools help HaROLD fit into any workflow.

The key benefits of the Rail Logistics Dashboard

  • HaROLD increases efficiency
    Offering all users the same accurate information greatly reduces miscommunication, slack and terminal stay.
  • HaROLD benefits the entire rail chain.
    Sharing information helps all rail operators, traction providers, deep-sea and inland terminals make better operational decisions.
  • HaROLD provides valuable insights.
Combining the most accurate information available from different sources provides valuable insights into the reliability and performance of the rail network and help utilise all available capacity, personnel and assets much more effectively.



Simone Merckel
Business Lead
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Annemieke Hol
Annemieke Hol
Business Manager Logistics
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Peter ten Broek
Business Manager Rail
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