Port Asset Tooling

Many ports manage their own assets. This involves high costs, investments and risks. Based on years of experience with asset and waterway management, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has developed digital tools for optimum asset management.

We have tools for:

  • Deterioration models for quays and assets
  • More efficient and smarter dredging
  • Database with complete information on the assets
  • Repair and maintenance schedules with clients
  • Planning budgets and risks for asset management

All tools are designed to cause minimal disruption to ship and client operations while taking commercial value and contracts into consideration. The tools are linked with each other.

How does Port Asset Tooling work?

By compiling and storing information at a single point so everyone involved works with the same information. Based on this, deterioration models can indicate the optimum time to repair or replace assets. This also provides a foundation for long-term planning for asset maintenance and repairs. This way, well-founded reports can be submitted to management regarding risks and investments. Big data and data science make dredging port basins more efficient by basing it on usage. This prevents excess dredging activities from occurring. Naturally, the commercial value and safety is safeguarded.

The benefits of Port Asset Tooling

  • A 5 to 10% reduction in maintenance/dredging costs.
  • Reduction in costs for repairs and investments in quays and other assets.
  • An overview of all information related to inspections, observations, construction, repairs, investments, costs and scheduled maintenance in one place.
  • Alignment of investments and maintenance of assets to commercial contracts.
  • Minimal disruption through optimum coordination with clients regarding repair and maintenance work.
  • A clear overview of risks and expected costs of assets for the coming years.



Wouter Buck
Wouter Buck
Product Lead Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 42476582

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