Portinsider is the central community system for ports. It combines all the information for Port Call Optimisation, coordinates cargo handling within the Port Community as well as the hinterland cargo journey.

Portinsider compiles the following items:

  • All administrative information on means of transport and cargo from, for example, mandatory declarations, reports in the Business-2-Government, and official commercial documents and contracts and the like in the Business-2-Business.
  • All event information generated in the port and the logistics chain. This includes real-time arrival times, gate in/out times and scheduled times for the various events.
  • Operational information on the status of means of transport and cargo, such as release by customs.
  • Specific information for B2B services between parties in the port.

The data owner always decides which data is to be shared and with whom. The owner has full control of his/her data. Naturally, the owner must still comply with statutory notification requirements. This can be done very easily with Portinsider. The system can be linked to the national single window of the government authorities in a given country.


Rotterdam was one of the first ports to have an operational Port Community System. The Port of Rotterdam Authority combined this with tools for Port Call Optimisation and hinterland platforms. This is how Portinsider was created: a future-oriented full-service product for ports. All mandatory business-to-government communication takes place through this platform, along with business-to-business communication that contributes to chain optimisation.

Portinsider is the next generation of Port Community Systems. Developed for ports that want to be leaders in terms of efficiency and information provision. In a single window, the system combines all information from the port call to arrival in the warehouse. The data owner can differentiate this information among parties he/she has selected (privacy by design), set up automatic notifications, and get help from smart algorithms to receive real-time updates on aspects such as the ETA.

How does it work?

There is a single information platform for all relevant parties in the port: from shipper to tugs. After all, all these different parties are dependent on each other. If a shipping company arrives late, this also affects the trucking company waiting to pick up the container. Portinsider combines the information on ship arrivals, ship’s cargo and the hinterland journey.

Differentiation of notifications is possible by the type of players or by privacy by design for each cargo. This means the data owner can decide and specify who he/she shares data with, with the exception of statutory notifications to government authorities. Everything has been designed to facilitate the transit of goods as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What are the benefits?

  • Substantial reduction in the number of telephone calls and emails to keep parties informed of the status of the cargo.
  • Efficiency gains running into the millions.
  • Better scheduling and efficiency for nautical service providers.
  • Faster cargo processing time in and out of the port. Briefer demurrage time for containers.
  • Transparency regarding delays, pace, reliability. This leads to a faster chain in the port.
  • Faster turnaround time for ships and reduced costs due to delays (up to 20% efficiency gains). This creates more berth capacity.
  • Coordination between sea cargo and hinterland.
  • Paperless processing of cargo formalities by a port.
  • Shippers and logistics parties will appreciate the simplified transit process. This results in port shift.
  • Easily connecting new parties to the port and chain.
  • Reliable and secure storage of data with the owner retaining full control of the data.
  • A clear and shared picture of the activities in the port and the hinterland.

Digital solutions for optimal collaboration within the entire port community.
Digitalisation is rapidly transforming the logistics chain and the way ports are run across the globe.
PortForward gives an extra impulse to this development and the opportunities it provides.



Jan Gardeitchik
Jan Gardeitchik
Business Lead Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 22 90 47 23
Reyer Will
Sr Projectleider
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