One platform for port communities

  • A single data entry point that is secure for all your players in the port: customs, terminals, agents, shipping lines et cetera. All will benefit!
  • Reduce phone calls and emails to keep parties informed about the status of cargo. Better scheduling for nautical service providers and terminals. All leading to a faster chain in the port.
  • Provide real time information and save € 10 - € 20 euro per container for your port community. Create faster turnaround time for ships and more berth capacity. Reduce costs due to delays.
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Quick Assessment Port Improvements

Are you interested to discover how digital tooling helps you to manage port operations more efficiently? We offer you the the Quick Assessment Port Improvements. We advise you on quick wins and structural solutions that are interesting for your port.

Benefits for agents:

  • All declarations for ship and cargo handled in one system
  • Providing all information for port dues
  • Status off clearance by Inspections, governmental authorities, port authority for ship and cargo
  • Safe system for all business-to-business and business-to-government communications in a port

Benefits for port authorities

  • All information according to IMO and EU regulations
  • Waste declaration
  • Dangerous goods declaration and overview
  • Port call optimisation: better ETA predictions of ships by data science
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Benefits for terminals

  • All information according to IMO and EU regulations
  • All cargo declaration
  • Dangerous goods declaration and overview
  • Port call optimisation: ETA predictions of ships
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Benefits for freight forwarders & cargo owners

  • Track and trace your cargo
  • Information about: gate in-gate out, loading, unloading, custom clearance, commercial clearance
  • All b-to-b communication handled (for instance bill of lading)
  • Predictions and deviations of ship arrivals, cargo and inspections
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Digital solutions for optimal collaboration within the entire port community.
Digitalisation is rapidly transforming the logistics chain and the way ports are run across the globe.
PortForward gives an extra impulse to this development and the opportunities it provides.

Interested in Portinsider?

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