Operating a safe and efficient port is a complex task. For optimal scheduling, monitoring and registration, real-time information is needed from numerous sources and port users. The online port management system Portmaster integrates tools and modules for scheduling, monitoring and administration in a single system. Convenient dashboards provide an up-to-date, detailed overview of the port, allowing users to respond rapidly to specific events that need to be dealt with. Portmaster has been used successfully in Rotterdam for a number of years now. The system unlocks the port’s full potential, improving performance, safety and efficiency. Portmaster has extensive possibilities and can be fully adapted for the needs of your port.

How does Portmaster work?

  • Portmaster is based on the latest technology and uses big data and artificial intelligence. The system offers real-time information in a number of areas, such as the arrival and departure times of vessels.
  • Clear, user-friendly dashboards support monitoring safety, progress and sustainability in the port and provide a real-time overview of operational KPIs.
  • Portmaster includes reporting tools and tools for ongoing compliance with regulations.
  • Portmaster can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, applications and information flows. The system can be operated using a PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • PortForward provides support in the migration from existing IT tools to Portmaster . This will avoid downtime of critical systems in a 24/7 environment.
  • Portmaster has a modular structure and is fully configurable. Users can quickly and easily scale up or expand with additional functionality.

Which modules are offered by Portmaster ?

Portmaster offers various modules for planning, monitoring and port administration that will help increase port performance at all levels. By integrating these modules into a single system, Portmaster helps you run a safer, smoother and a much more efficient port.

The benefits of Portmaster:

The complete real-time overview of all shipping traffic-related activities in the port gives you:

  • All the necessary information to safely handle shipping traffic.
  • Information on hazardous cargo in your port. Safeguards your licence to operate!
  • Optimal port calls and scheduling of berths. You make maximum use of your port’s potential.
  • Validated and shared information such as improved ETA/ETD and schedules. Minimised delays.
  • Immediate insight into income and amounts to be paid by clients, along with rapid collection through a link with your invoicing system.
  • Insight into waste and emissions so that your port operations are conducted as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • A complete picture of incidents, irregularities, maintenance and scheduling of berths across different watches. This way, there is continuous effective monitoring of important issues.
  • All information displayed on a single screen for rapid and appropriate responses to incidents. This limits consequential damage.
  • The basis for targeted enforcement of regulations and procedures in your port. This safeguards processes related to safety and the environment.
  • A total overview of activities in your port. This allows for focused and effective steering based on your critical indicators and reporting comprehensively on your port’s performance.
  • All the necessary information is clearly presented on a dynamic map of your port.

Digital solutions for optimal collaboration within the entire port community.
Digitalisation is rapidly transforming the logistics chain and the way ports are run across the globe.
PortForward gives an extra impulse to this development and the opportunities it provides.



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Jan Gardeitchik
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Robert Jan Hoitink
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