Millions of containers arrive at larger ports, distributed across multiple container terminals. Shipping companies prefer to discharge their cargo all at once at a single terminal so they can continue on their way as quickly as possible. At the terminal, containers are subsequently exchanged with other terminals for transshipment and transit. In Rotterdam, this process currently requires shipping companies to make separate requests with dozens of different inland operators. This is a time-consuming, laborious and error-prone way of operating. Streamline is a digital platform that seamlessly matches the exchange of containers between the depots, deep-sea and short-sea terminals with the available transport capacity of inland operators.

Take a look at how Streamline works in Rotterdam

How does Streamline work?

  • The shipping company decides which inland operators will receive its request. The shipping company can upload all the relevant cargo and container information, the name of the vessel, ETA and the arrival terminal. 
  • From its contracted shipping companies, the inland operator sees which relevant container cargo shipments are arriving in the port, along with their destination.
  • The inland operator can specify what the possibilities are with regard to the entire or partial container cargo being offered.
  • Streamline is responsible for the matchmaking – not for the price negotiations – and generates an overview of providers to the shipping company.
  • Using this overview, the deep-sea shipping company chooses a provider that best corresponds to its needs and preferences.
  • Once the choice for an inland operator has been made, Streamline provides the necessary information.
  • During the entire process, both parties receive status updates so they can track the progress of the process.
  • Streamline naturally also works for containers moving in the opposite direction. 

The benefits of Streamline

  • Streamline compiles all the information and presents it in a user-friendly and uniform overview. This way, manual work is avoided and miscommunication is prevented, saving both time and money.
  • Deep-sea shipping companies: quick insight into available transport options for transshipment and they can quickly match their exchange capacity with the best suitable inland operator.
  • Inland operators have insight in the cargo capacity and destination and can offer their services accordingly. This leads to better planning and optimum utilisation of their transport capacity.
  • Streamline maximises the exchange capacity of the entire port so that the port can process a larger number of containers quickly, efficiently and without complications.
  • Streamline checks if data is correct and ensures that data is stored securely.



Govert Geerlings
Govert Geerlings
Digital Business Solutions - proposition manager
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Business Manager Shortsea
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