Port Forward: digital solutions for ports. Proven in Rotterdam, ready for the world.

Digitising ports and their hinterland is a complex undertaking. We strongly believe in a step-by-step approach. This model for digital maturity shows how ports gradually develop into smart ports.

Digitisation is one of the most significant contemporary trends that will shape the future. Compiling, analysing, enriching and exchanging data generates opportunities for the logistics sector to work more effectively, efficiently and safely. As the Port of Rotterdam Authority, this is something we have recognised at an early stage. Based on our knowledge of IT and data and our expertise as a port, we have been developing digital solutions and automating our processes since the nineties and helping our clients automate their own chains, networks and clusters.

Our product portfolio, bearing the name PortForward, is growing steadily. Our solutions are successfully tried and tested in Rotterdam. Now we would also like to help other ports increase their business value and introduce transparency, speed, efficiency and safety in their activities and logistics chains. PortForward products are eminently suitable for small and medium-sized ports. They are also scaleable for large ports. We can modify them to meet the specific demands and needs of ports. Furthermore, we also offer support in the implementation process.

Digital solutions for optimal collaboration within the entire port community.
Digitalisation is rapidly transforming the logistics chain and the way ports are run across the globe. PortForward gives an extra impulse to this development and the opportunities it provides.


PortXchange is intended to improve efficiency in port calls around the world and help clients reduce their CO2 emissions. One of the mainstays of the PortXchange programme is Pronto: a joint platform for shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers. Pronto can be used to optimally plan, execute and monitor all activities during a port call on the basis of standardised data exchanges.

PortXchange Pronto Port of Rotterdam

Digital solutions for ports

PortForward includes software tools that enables port authorities to manage their port operations more efficiently and safely and reduce costs on the assets. They encourage collaboration and coordination between all port users, allowing for faster handling of ships, trains and inland vessels. This leads to a strengthening of the port’s competitive position.

Digital solutions for logistic chains

PortForward additionally offers digital solutions for shippers, freight forwarders and traders who want to increase their insight and control of their logistic chains. Consider for example a smart route planner that displays all the transport options from the coast through to the hinterland.

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