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Energy industry

Betrouwbare, betaalbare en duurzame energie voor Europa

11 May 2021
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Coal, natural gas, biomass, steam, heat, wind and solar energy all come together in the port of Rotterdam. The port plays a key role in a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply for Northwest Europe. Rotterdam is not only the import port for raw materials for the region; energy is also produced here in state-of-the-art power stations.

Advantages of the port of Rotterdam

  • Three coal-fired power stations, one biomass power station and three gas-fired power stations in the port
  • Supply port for coal, gas and biomass for Northwest Europe
  • High efficiency due to the use and reuse of steam and heat from industry
  • 200 MW wind power with space for expansion

The energy industry in the port of Rotterdam benefits from the excellent logistic facilities for the supply of energy feedstock, the availability of sufficient cooling water, a well-developed high-voltage grid and a large petrochemical cluster with extensive energy needs.

Bio industry

The port of Rotterdam accommodates the world’s largest renewable industrial cluster.