VTS services and VHF communication procedure port of Rotterdam

Any vessels in the nautical control area of the port of Rotterdam must listen to the correct VHF sector channel. Vessels can use the VHF channels to communicate by VHF radio with the two traffic centres in the port of Rotterdam. The traffic centres supervise seagoing vessels in the port.

VTS Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam has an advanced Traffic Control System: Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). The shipping traffic is supervised from two traffic centres: one in Hook of Holland and one in the Botlek. From these traffic centres VTS provides continuous information about the current situation of the shipping traffic.

VTS procedure

Vessels which call at the port of Rotterdam must comply with rules and legislation. The VHF Communication Procedure VTS contains information about these rules of conduct and the language to be spoken. The procedure also contains information about the three VTS services supplied by the Harbour Master.


VHF 11 for traffic issues
VHF 14 for operational issues
VHF 19 for shipping messages - alternative channel

Harbour Coordination Centre
+31 (0)10 252 1000

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