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Inland shipping in the port of Rotterdam

Safe, efficient, complete and clean

Around 110,000 inland vessels call at the port of Rotterdam every year. Vessels have to deal with navigation, safety, legislation, services, communication and inspections during and after their visit to the port of Rotterdam. Information and further details about visiting the port are provided here.

Incentive scheme for inland container shipping

On 8 September 2017 the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the stakeholders involved in inland container transport between Rotterdam and the European hinterland held a constructive dialogue about solutions for the more efficient handling of inland container shipping through the whole supply chain to and from Rotterdam. The Port Authority has also made a fund available to support market initiatives that will be able to subsidise short-term solutions.

Notification of passenger vessels

If there is an incident or accident with your passenger/party vessel, you want assistance as fast and as well as possible. We therefore ask you to report your departure from/arrival at the port of Rotterdam.
VHF: VHF channel 14
Tel.: +31 (0)10 252 1000

Bridges and locks

The Municipality of Rotterdam provides information about the bridges and locks in Rotterdam.


Usually you are not permitted to carry out major repairs to your vessel yourself in the port of Rotterdam, unless the Harbour Master grants you exemption. This does not apply to repairs performed at a shipyard. Exemption must be requested in writing from the Harbour Coordination Centre. For further information, please contact the Harbour Coordination Centre on VHF channel 14 or contact:

Harbour Coordination Centre
+31 (0)10 252 1000

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