Inland shipping in the port of Rotterdam

Safe, efficient, complete and clean

Vessels have to deal with navigation, safety, legislation, services, communication and inspections during and after their visit to the port of Rotterdam. Information and further details about visiting the port are provided here.

Port Information Notices

Review the official notices for shipping traffic in the port of Rotterdam (BAS) and the Port Information Notices (PIN).

Arrivals and departures of vessels

View planned calls of ocean-going ships to the Port of Rotterdam: expected ships, ships in the port and departing ships.

Harbour Master Port map

The information on this map is updated daily

Bridges and locks

The Municipality of Rotterdam provides information about the bridges and locks in Rotterdam.


If you have a request, a question or wish to report something, please contact the Harbour Coordination Centre.

If there is an incident or accident with your passenger/party vessel, you want assistance as fast and as well as possible.
We therefore ask you to report your departure from/arrival at the port of Rotterdam.

Harbour Coordination Centre
+31 (0)10 252 1000

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