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The Port Health Authority Rotterdam deals with health care in the port of Rotterdam. Here you will find information on everything regarding health matters. Since the creation of the Port Health Authority Rotterdam in 2009, the Harbour Coordination Centre has been the point of contact for vessels, crew members and other parties working in the port of Rotterdam.

For information on the Coronavirus, see below.

For emergency help, contact the Harbour Coordination Centre or dial 112

For emergency help in the event of an incident or accident on board, you can contact the Harbour Coordination Centre directly. T: +31 (0)10 252 1000, VHF channel 14. Or dial 112.
In addition to the Fire Service, Police and the Regional Medical Assistance Organisation (GHOR), the Harbour Master is one of the emergency services in the municipal organisation for controlling incidents. The Harbour Coordination Centre has a direct connection to the control rooms of other key services.

Infectious disease control

An important aspect of the Port Health Authority is infectious disease control. Infectious diseases can spread more easily due to the increase in international traffic. Therefore, more attention is paid globally to infectious diseases. The SARS epidemic in 2003 was the immediate cause for the WHO to renew the International Health Regulations. With the signing of the IHR in 2005, the WHO Member States stressed that they will commit to these international agreements in the field of infectious disease control. In the Netherlands, the IHR was included in the Public Health Act on 1 December 2008. As a consequence, the port of Rotterdam must provide a plan for emergencies, a quarantine room and an emergency service in case of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

For coronavirus and prevention on board ships, click here.

Read more about infectious diseases on the site of the GGD


Update April 23, 2021

Report cases of illness on board in port

Should cases of illness nevertheless occur on board during the stay in port, it is mandatory to report them. This also applies to narrative and departing ships. For this you can contact the Port Coordination Centre by telephone +31(0)10-2521000.

Port Health Authority Rotterdam (PHAR)

Tightening of policy on reporting health situation, 21-4-2021
As communicated before, we see an increase of infections on board of incoming vessels but recently also on moored ships. Read the tightened policy.

The Port Health Authority Rotterdam is the competent authority for the management of infectious diseases in the port of Rotterdam. The Port Coordination Centre is the contact desk for ships, crew and other parties working in the port of Rotterdam. The parties working with the PHAR include: Rotterdam-Rijnmond Municipal Health Service, the Harbour Health Centre, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam (EMC), Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM), the Dutch Coastguard, Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region, Dutch Food and Commodities Authority, Seaport Police, Radio Medical Service, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Harbour Master. The Harbour Master Division and the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Municipal Health Service are coordinating the response to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and they consult daily.

More stringent procedure for the Maritime Declaration of Health (MDoH)

With effect from 13 March, ALL seagoing vessels must submit the Maritime Declaration of Health (MDoH) in good time. It should be sent by email to the Port Health Authority Rotterdam (PHAR): porthealthauthority@portofrotterdam.com. This MDoH must have been signed in the last 24 hours and it must be sent at least 6 hours prior to arrival at Pilot Station. The obligation also applies to fishing vessels making a multi-day voyage.

The Port Coordination Centre coordinates the follow-up and asks the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Municipal Health Service for recommendations about the reported case.

In addition, we follow the national guidelines. To limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, everyone is advised to respect hygiene measures. These are:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
  • Use paper tissues and throw them away immediately after using them once
  • Touch your nose, mouth and face as little as possible.
  • Do not shake hands

It is also very important as an employer to comply with government recommendations relating to your employees. In this way, we can prevent the spread of the virus among our employees and any possible spread by employees going on board vessels.

Yellow flag (quarantine)

In the Netherlands, the MDoH is used to report possible infectious diseases to the authorities. Some countries work with a yellow quarantine flag. This is not necessary in the Netherlands. As soon as a ship has submitted an MDoH and it has been assessed by the Municipal Health Service, the captain will be informed whether additional measures are necessary. If a ship continues to sail under a yellow flag, we request you to inform the Port Coordination Centre (+31 (0)10 252 1000 or VHF channel 11).

If there are any relevant changes, you will be informed through the PHAR website.

Additional rules cruise ships

Additional rules apply to cruise ships.

Ship Sanitation Certificate

Would you like to apply for an inspection and the issuance of a Ship Sanitation Certificate? Please submit your application as soon as possible. The Municipal Health Service Rotterdam-Rijnmond (GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond) is responsible for the issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificates. Requests for a Ship Sanitation Certificate for Moerdijk should be sent to the GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid.

Get your application form

Procedure notification infectious diseases

Do you have a person on board with a (suspected) infectious disease? Do you work in the port of Rotterdam and do you suspect or have you observed that a ship has a patient with an infectious disease on board? Then you must report this to the Port Health Authority. The Port Health Authority Rotterdam has to respond quickly to prevent a possible spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is important that the infectious disease is reported as quickly as possible.

Medical Facilities

Do you need medical attention for a person on board a ship? Rotterdam has medical facilities focused specifically on shipping.


Would you like to know more about the Port Health Authority? Please contact:

Harbour Coordination Centre
+31 (0)10 252 1000

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