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Safely and efficiently through the port of Rotterdam

Regulations apply to inland and seagoing vessels in the port of Rotterdam so that their visit to the port can be as safe and efficient as possible. We provide checklists, for example about safety, to simplify your visit. Do you have a particular cargo or do you want to make repairs to your inland vessel? In such cases you need to fill in nautical forms. This page provides more information about regulations and services during your visit to the port of Rotterdam.

In the port of Rotterdam the Harbour Master of Rotterdam is responsible for the safe, smooth, sustainable and secure handling of shipping. From the Harbour Coordination Centre in the World Port Center in Rotterdam, the Harbour Master’s Division organises the schedules and entries of vessels.

For emergency help, contact the Harbour Coordination Centre or dial 112

For emergency help in the event of an incident or accident on board, you can contact the Harbour Coordination Centre directly. T: +31 (0)10 252 1000, VHF channel 14. Or dial 112.
In addition to the Fire Service, Police and the Regional Medical Assistance Organisation (GHOR), the Harbour Master is one of the emergency services in the municipal organisation for controlling incidents. The Harbour Coordination Centre has a direct connection to the control rooms of other key services.

Port Health Authority

Large-scale incidents in the port

Serious large-scale incidents in the port of Rotterdam are uncommon due to the advanced traffic control system and the strict enforcement of laws and regulations.
In the unlikely event a serious incident occurs, do the following:

  • When you hear the siren, stay inside, close doors, windows and ventilation grilles.
  • Extinguish open flames and switch off air conditioning or ventilation.
  • Maintain a listening watch on the VHF channel of the sector you are in. See the map with the VTS sectors and corresponding VHF channels.
  • Tune to Radio Rijnmond (FM 93.4).

Bridges and locks

The Municipality of Rotterdam provides information about the bridges and locks in Rotterdam.

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