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World Port Days

Every year, during the first weekend of September, Rotterdam celebrates its port. The World Port Days are all about strengthening the ties between the city, the port and its natural hinterland. Over the course of three days, everyone is free to take a look behind the scenes of various companies in the port area. A unique opportunity to visit places that normally, you wouldn’t be able to access.

In 2018, the World Port Days will be held on 7, 8 and 9 September.

The theme for this year’s edition is ‘Energize!’.

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. The port is not only of vital importance to the Netherlands, it also sets an example for the world at large. That is why Rotterdam doesn’t just invest a lot of energy in its port – it’s also sourcing more and more sustainable energy from it. And this is reflected in the motto of the upcoming World Port Days: ‘Energize!’. The organisers want to draw attention to Rotterdam’s strong sustainability ambitions, which will allow it to become the cleanest port in the world.

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