Supply chain optimisation


Boxinsider helps shippers and forwarders to schedule, monitor and manage their container logistics much more effectively.

No more surprises

Boxinsider provides accurate and reliable information so shippers and forwarders can optimize their planning and keep customers happy.
• Reliable ETA's of vessels, deep sea terminals and inland terminals
• Know when containers are available and on its way
• Smart notifications warn of potential deviations

Save time

Users get direct access to the information they need. Boxinsider eliminates the need to manually search and retype container event data.
• Spend 20-50% less time on tracking containers
• One dashboard for all your containers
• Easy integration into existing workflows through an API

Interested in Boxinsider?

Would you like to know more? Or are you interested to see how Boxinsider works or try it yourself? Please contact one of the Boxinsider team members or book a demo right away.


For additional information download the Boxinsider factsheet



For more information, contact:

Erik van de Kamp
Business Lead, Digital Business Solutions
+31 (0)6 46 26 45 95
Winnie Wener Port of Rotterdam
Winnie Wener
Business Manager Shippers & Forwarders
+31 (0)6 15823 813


Supply chain optimisation

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