Shiptracker (beta)

Shiptracker (beta)

Real-time ship arrival times

With Shiptracker, Port of Rotterdam Authority is giving a fresh boost to the sustainability and efficiency of the logistics chain. Thanks to this online tool, ship arrival and departure times can be shown much more accurately. Shiptracker, which is currently being presented as a beta version, uses big data and machine-learning algorithms with information from the Automatic Identification System (AIS). This is a global system for the automatic identification and tracking of ships, allowing estimated times of arrival (ETA) to be generated much more accurately. Users can set notifications so that they receive an alert as soon as their chosen vessel moors.

Port call optimisation

This information forms the basis of Port of Rotterdam Authority’s efforts to bring about port call optimisation and consequently a more efficient chain of operations. It is being used, for instance, in the PRONTO project. This online communications platform assists agents and other operators with a more transparent and efficient planning of services for ships, such as pilotage, use of terminals and bunker services. It has led to better planning, fewer delays and consequently fewer unnecessary emissions.


Another important step taken in this project was the recent establishment of international standards for nautical port information. Consequently, there are now worldwide rules about exactly what is meant by nautical terms such as draught and depth. The uniformity in international communications will not only benefit safety, but it will also mean that smaller under-keel clearance margins need to be used, so vessels will eventually be able to enter ports more quickly and carrying more cargo, thereby reducing costs and unnecessary emissions. With Port of Rotterdam Authority as co-initiator, the standards for nautical port information were established under the auspices of the International Harbour Masters’ Association.

Service optimisation

“Port information standards and Shiptracker not only enable us to optimise our services for our clients,” says Allard Castelein, CEO of Port of Rotterdam Authority, “but they also help us develop new services such as PRONTO that will make the logistics chains operating through our port more efficient.” In its current form, Shiptracker is a free service. In future we may be adding features which clients would be charged to use.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Shiptracker or about our other projects in the field op port call optimisation?

Port Call Optimisation

Shiptracker (beta)

Real-time ship arrival times

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