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24 March 2023
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Different mindset vital for agrofood supply chain
Reducing the ecological footprint of logistics for fresh produce, and the transition to a future-proof, sustainable chain, depend critically on a transformation of the mindset. According to Peter Ravensbergen and Arjen Daane from Wageningen Economic Research, digitalisation, greater transparency and stronger alliances are key to success. In this whitepaper, they set out their vision of the agrofood supply chain, now and in the future.

A delicate balancing act
Collaboration is the key success factor for the agrofood supply chain. Working together more improves quality and opens up the way to better service. And the chain becomes more sustainable, too. Digitalisation and modern technologies help to get fresh foods to the customer quickly and reliably. But there is also improvement potential in container handling.

Data insight increases speed and reliability in agrofood logistics
The world is digitalising rapidly, opening up numerous new possibilities and advantages. Especially in the agrofood sector, where fresh products are traded and speed is essential.
Data is available abundantly. As are smart solutions for sharing that data and optimising processes. Practice proves that - with the right tools and the right attitude - gains can be achieved by all chain partners.

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Supply chain management

Shaping the logistics chain of the future
Read more about why digitalisation is expected to permanently change the logistics landscape and significantly raise efficiency in freight transport.

Rotterdam, Brabant, Limburg: Gateway to and from Europe
Planning to move goods in or out of Europe? Then the port of Rotterdam is undoubtedly the best place to start.

Efficient inland container transport with SCOPE
Read more about how DSM increased the reliability and efficiency of their supply chain and how SCOPE can help you to cut cost, reduce lead times and your carbon footprint.

The impact of five mega trends on the container industry
Trends that will certainly also impact container ports and the container industry.

Smart port and smart container make supply chain more efficient
The container industry is changing. In order to continue to guarantee a reliable supply chain, chain partners will have to respond to these changes.

Reliability is key in a digital supply chain
Supply chains are changing. Terms such as block chain, big data analysis and the Internet of Things are no longer buzzwords.

The importance of a port community system
A Port Community System offers a win-win situation for all parties involved in international logistics.

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