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08 August 2022
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Different mindset vital for agrofood supply chain
Reducing the ecological footprint of logistics for fresh produce, and the transition to a future-proof, sustainable chain, depend critically on a transformation of the mindset. According to Peter Ravensbergen and Arjen Daane from Wageningen Economic Research, digitalisation, greater transparency and stronger alliances are key to success. In this whitepaper, they set out their vision of the agrofood supply chain, now and in the future.

A delicate balancing act
Collaboration is the key success factor for the agrofood supply chain. Working together more improves quality and opens up the way to better service. And the chain becomes more sustainable, too. Digitalisation and modern technologies help to get fresh foods to the customer quickly and reliably. But there is also improvement potential in container handling.

Data insight increases speed and reliability in agrofood logistics
The world is digitalising rapidly, opening up numerous new possibilities and advantages. Especially in the agrofood sector, where fresh products are traded and speed is essential.
Data is available abundantly. As are smart solutions for sharing that data and optimising processes. Practice proves that - with the right tools and the right attitude - gains can be achieved by all chain partners.

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Breakbulk whitepaper

Breakbulk Rotterdam

Opportunities and threats for the breakbulk sector
What are the opportunities and threats for the breakbulk business? In this whitepaper, industry experts Johan-Paul Verschuure and Hugo du Mez research how the various breakbulk markets are affected by specific developments and how can companies in the sector make a difference?

Energy transition transforms the breakbulk industry
The energy transition offers huge opportunities, fundamental changes and threats for breakbulk industry. In this whitepaper industry experts Janet Nodar and Wilco van der Lans dive deeper into the subject how the energy transition impacts the supply chains in the breakbulk industry and the ports around the world.

Port of Rotterdam sets sail for even greater breakbulk success
Bigger. Better. Breakbulk. More than ever, these three words apply to the port of Rotterdam. But what really makes the port of Rotterdam so successful besides the good accessibility?

Port of Rotterdam International

Port of the Future - 7 building blocks
The pace of change and number of disruptions continue to increase. Where do you start when preparing your port for the future in a disrupted environment?

Port Analysis
There is an ever-growing need for ports to sharpen their focus on what’s going on in the world around them and to decide how to change and adapt. Download our whitepaper and read more about the value of objective analysis for ports, various analytical tools and how to get started.

Why is hydrogen important? And what is the role that your port can play in the supply chain?

Digital Transition
This handout zooms in on the Digital Maturity Model. Within the Digital Maturity Model, four ‘maturity levels’ have been defined. These indicate the digital development and what the following steps are.

Major steps make hydrogen a reality
What steps are currently being taken to make hydrogen a reality?

Educating the port of the future
The importance of international collaboration, education as a driver for innovation and improving the investment climate through social innovation: this white paper zooms in on education as an important pillar for a futureproof port.

Cover white paper 7 building blocks
Move Forward brochure cover

Digital transformation

Step by step towards a digital port: how and where to start?
Digitisation is a significant contemporary trend. All ports and maritime companies are aware of the need for change. The question is: how and where to start?

Data as fuel for the digital port: how do you involve the port community in this development?
In this paper, we shall discuss the importance of a good data position for ports and increase awareness of a number of preconditions surrounding the collection, aggregation and sharing of data.

Lessons learned from frontrunning industries: what can we learn from digitisation in other sectors?
Digital transformation is already in full swing in sectors such as food, retail and travel. We can learn a lot from the digitisation in other sectors. The best ideas are often already thought of.

Go next level with your port community system
Port Community Systems around the world deliver tremendous benefits by simplifying connectivity and re-using data boosting efficiency. A crucial step in the digital transformation of your port and port community.

Warehousing & Distribution

Logistics market outlook Trends in warehousing and distribution
In 2017, the demand for new warehouses and distribution centres rose to unprecedented levels. This growth is expected to continue in the period ahead.

A closer look at what makes an attractive business climate for warehousing
For years, the Netherlands has been lauded as the ‘Logistics Gateway to Europe’. But the country doesn’t just have its geographical situation to thank for this.

Experts talk about choosing the right location for your warehouse
A local warehouse is more or less indispensable for anyone wanting to gain a foothold in the European market.

Sustainable distribution centres are 'hot'
The logistics sector has embraced sustainability – and warehouses and distribution centres can’t afford to stay behind.

Textbook example of outstanding infrastructure
The Netherlands remains a prime example of logistics excellence in Europe.

Brochure warehousing cover
Brochure container cover

Supply chain management

Shaping the logistics chain of the future
Read more about why digitalisation is expected to permanently change the logistics landscape and significantly raise efficiency in freight transport.

Rotterdam, Brabant, Limburg: Gateway to and from Europe
Planning to move goods in or out of Europe? Then the port of Rotterdam is undoubtedly the best place to start.

Efficient inland container transport with SCOPE
Read more about how DSM increased the reliability and efficiency of their supply chain and how SCOPE can help you to cut cost, reduce lead times and your carbon footprint.

The impact of five mega trends on the container industry
Trends that will certainly also impact container ports and the container industry.

Smart port and smart container make supply chain more efficient
The container industry is changing. In order to continue to guarantee a reliable supply chain, chain partners will have to respond to these changes.

Reliability is key in a digital supply chain
Supply chains are changing. Terms such as block chain, big data analysis and the Internet of Things are no longer buzzwords.

The importance of a port community system
A Port Community System offers a win-win situation for all parties involved in international logistics.