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LNG terminal

11 May 2021
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Gate terminal, a joint venture of Gasunie and Vopak, is the LNG import terminal in Rotterdam. Located on the Maasvlakte near the port entrance, the LNG terminal is easily accessible to LNG tankers. Three storage tanks, each with a storage capacity of 180,000 m3, make it possible to unload large amounts of LNG at once.

The liquefied natural gas is either regasified at Gate to be transported through an underground pipeline to the European gas distribution network, or it is loaded into vessels or trucks.

Transportation of LNG per ship and truck

Besides the supply to the network of natural gas pipelines, the Gate LNG terminal has facilities to reload LNG into ships, LNG containers or tank trucks. This allows the liquefied natural gas to be distributed by inland tanker, short sea tanker or truck to areas that lack pipelines for the supply of natural gas, or for the supply of petrol stations. The demand for LNG is growing, which is why Vopak and Gasunie, the founders of Gate, together with the Port of Rotterdam Authority are working on the construction of LNG break bulk facilities alongside the existing Gate terminal.

LNG Tanker moored at the Gate terminal


Would you like to know more about the available services and capacities of the Gate terminal or are you looking for operational data? You can find more information on the website of Gate.