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Vessel Notification (inland shipping)

11 May 2021
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To ensure safe and efficient shipping traffic on the main Dutch waterways, vessel and cargo details must be reported. These details are stored in a national system (IVS90).

When to report a vessel?

Notification of vessel and cargo details is obligatory for:

  • vessels transporting hazardous substances
  • vessels longer than 110 metres
  • tug-barge combinations longer than 140 metres and wider than 15 metres
  • passenger ships
  • special transports

If your vessel is not included in the above categories, you do not have to report your details.


Before you start a trip from Rotterdam you must report your vessel and cargo details electronically to the Harbour Coordination Centre. Rijkswaterstaat (The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) supplies the necessary software free of charge.

The port traffic control centre

Report your departure

Operational notifications of departure must be given to the Harbour Coordination Centre via VHF channel 14 or contact.