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Rotterdam. Make It Happen.

How can we help you?

As brand alliance partner of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. we put our city and port on the international map. We do this together with 33 Rotterdam partners.

Together, we work and brand Rotterdam as smart, circular, healthy, inclusive and creative. We do this, for example, with great stories about sustainable and innovative initiatives by entrepreneurs and residents in the city and port.

Photos and videos about Rotterdam

In the branding toolkit of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. you will find all kinds of beautiful images about the city and port. These can be downloaded for free.


Sabine Biesheuvel and Jouke Goslinga at the old Tropicana
Doing is the best way of thinking
Monique de Boel
'Rotterdam is already home to Europe's largest biofuel cluster'
Watertaxi on Kop van Zuid
‘Hydrogen-powered water taxi at Rotterdam World Port Days will be a world first’