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11 May 2021
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Get inspired by stories of start-ups and scale-ups about innovation in the port of Rotterdam


Best practices of innovations in the port of Rotterdam


See innovations in our port through the eye of innovators

Would you like to know more about innovation in the port of Rotterdam – exciting new developments like blockchain, autonomous shipping and IoT applications? Or are you looking for room to innovate in Rotterdam, or partners to team up with? Keep an eye on this site for updates.

In Rotterdam we are always looking for new ways to make our port even smarter, more efficient, safer and more sustainable. As a result, Rotterdam offers a wide range of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s because a smart, carbon-neutral port calls for radical innovation and new technologies. In Rotterdam we field-test innovations, implement new technologies and link established firms to up-and-coming players.


PortXL, the accelerator of maritime innovations, helps start-ups and scale-ups from all over the world to accelerate their innovations. Each year, participants gain access to a network of mentors, investors, maritime and corporate companies and sponsors.

QuinteQ Energy

This Dutch start-up is one of the participants of the 2022 programme. QuinteQ develops flywheel energy storage technology based on Boeing developments and realises up to a fifteen-fold improvement in energy storage. Their aim is to empower the energy transition in ports, by enabling terminal operators to reduce their peaks and optimise the utilisation of the grid connection and infrastructure

Latest news

Fluorescent sea ship
Safe port

Consortium of parties first in the world to build scalable quantum internet connection in Rotterdam port

Randolf Weterings
Energy transition

‘We have passed the point of just talking about hydrogen. It’s really happening now’

Simone Opschoor interviews an employee of Pryme

Plastic waste as a raw material for a circular port

Drone Port of Rotterdam

To further explore and broaden the application possibilities of drones, we have created the Drone Port of Rotterdam innovation programme. Discover the next steps and our focus areas for the coming years.

Drone Port of Rotterdam visualization

RDM innovation dock
Innovation partners
Skyline of Rotterdam
Energy transition

Rotterdam Makers District

Together with M4HRDM forms the Rotterdam Makers District. The added value of the Makers District not only lies in the physical space, but also in a business climate that stimulates and strengthens cooperation and entrepreneurship. The goal is to create a community of successful and innovative entrepreneurs, integrated into a wider innovation ecosystem of companies, knowledge institutions, funding sources and prototype and testing facilities.