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On the way to autonomous ships and hydrogen

11 May 2021
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Digital transformation is leading to fundamental changes in society. This is also the case for the port of Rotterdam.

Energy transition

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is working with the port business community and the government to create a future-proof port.


Curious about innovation in the port of Rotterdam, like blockchain, autonomous shipping and Internet of Things applications?

As one of the world’s leading ports, Rotterdam harbours the ambition of being the smartest port. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is embracing the energy transition, digitisation and innovations as an opportunity for making logistics chains that pass through Rotterdam more efficient, more reliable and hence more competitive. If it were up to Rotterdam, autonomous ships would be docking in the port by 2030.

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Energy transition
20 / 10 / 2021

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Maasvlakte photographed from the air
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Port of Rotterdam throughput rises substantially again in Q3

The energy transition visualised
Energy transition
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Campagne image for Launch Rail Freight, The Future Is Ours
Energy transition
27 / 9 / 2021

Rail freight industry takes major step towards climate neutrality: Launch Rail Freight, the Future is Ours

Docked ship seen from above
Energy transition
22 / 9 / 2021

Government action needed to decarbonize shipping by 2050


Hydrogen in Rotterdam

The Port Authority is working with various partners towards the introduction of a large-scale hydrogen network across the port complex, making Rotterdam an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application and transport to other countries in Northwest Europe. The hub will also enable Rotterdam to maintain its position as important energy port for Northwest Europe in the future.

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