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Port of the future

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21 April 2023
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What does the port of the future look like? And how to prepare for it? We like to keep you informed. Here you can find more information about what we do as well as the partners we work with.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is ‘landlord’ for many companies and welcomes numerous companies that do business with or through the port of Rotterdam.

We are a driving force, an investor, a sponsor, connector and an accelerator when it comes to sustainable business operations in the port area. We make sure that the Port Industrial Complex is a place where companies are able to make the transition to a sustainable future – in the broadest sense of the word.  Based on a number of examples, we'd like to show you in our online publication ‘8 Steps on board’ what we are specifically working on, together with our partners, to create the port of the future.


Amaliahaven topview
Amaliahaven quay wall construction gains momentum
Smart infrastructure
Smart infrastructure
Maud Eijgendaal
‘The energy transition will be impossible to achieve without a raw materials transition'
A drone flying towards the Pioneering Spirit
Agro food hub artist impression
Rotterdam Food Hub
Artist illustration from the conversionpark
Europe's Hydrogen Hub


This report reflects on 2023 and examines our collective progress in digital, as well as our learnings. What are yours? We would love to find out.


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The Port Reference Architecture guides and shapes the utilisation of information digitalisation in the port of Rotterdam in the coming years.

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Which processes can be digitised, which opportunities and challenges do we see and which solutions are already there?

4 future scenarios for breakbulk

The future looks bright for breakbulk in 3 of the 4 future scenarios. Discover which ones.

Supply chain of the future

Five major trends that will impact the supply chain. Port economist Bart Kuipers shares his insights.