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To ensure the proper functioning of the website, the Port of Rotterdam Authority uses cookies. Cookies are small text files. Our website stores these files on your computer. Through the use of cookies our website recognises your computer during your visit and following visits. This allows us to make your visit to as informative and relevant as possible.

What cookies does the Port of Rotterdam Authority use?

The Port of Rotterdam Authority uses functional and analytical cookies. These cookies are not privacy-sensitive. The cookies do not contain personal data. This means that we cannot use the cookies to identify you personally. Neither can these cookies be used to identify you on other websites. We use the anonymous information exclusively to improve the website. We do not provide the information to third parties.

  • Functional cookies

    Certain cookies are necessary to maintain settings or preferences during a visit to the site or for a following visit. By placing cookies, our website can 'remember' your preferences. Without cookies, you would have to answer the same questions every visit.

  • Analytical cookies

    There are cookies that provide the website with information on which pages you view, in what order and for how long. These analytical cookies allow us to create web statistics. These web statistics can help to tailor the website to visitors. Similar are cookies to conduct online surveys, for example. The Port Authority uses Google Analytics as a measurement tool. This measurement tool uses IP addresses to measure information such as the number of unique visitors. The Port Authority uses information exclusively to improve your visitor experience and not to trace visitors personally.

The Port Authority does not use tracking cookies

Choosing not to receive cookies

Would you rather not receive cookies? Then you can set your browser to refuse cookies. This text is based on a text by the Dutch national government. For more information about cookies, please visit the website of the Dutch National Government.

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