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About the Port Authority

The Port Authority manages, operates and develops the port and industrial area

11 May 2021
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Smartest port

Our ambition is to be the smartest port in the world.


A freight throughput of 436.8 million tonnes in 2020.

Code of Conduct

Read who we are, what we stand for and what we think is important.

The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. Not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality.

Consequently, the Port Authority is a pioneer in the transition to sustainable energy and focuses on digitalisation to make the port and trade flows even more efficient. The two core tasks of the Port Authority are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port and maintaining the smooth and safe handling of shipping.

The Port Authority in brief

Core tasks

• Sustainable development, management and operation of the port.
• Maintaining the safe and smooth handling of all shipping.

Structure and shareholders

  • Unlisted public limited company.
  • Shareholders of the Port of Rotterdam Authority: Municipality of Rotterdam (approx 70%) and the Dutch government (approx 30%).


  • The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s turnover is approximately €750 million.


  • Approximately 1,270 employees.

Company profile

Core tasks

Our core tasks under the articles of association are:

  • The development, construction, management and operation of the port and industrial area in Rotterdam.
  • The promotion of the safe, effective and efficient handling of shipping in the port of Rotterdam and the offshore approaches to the port.

Rental income and port dues

Our key revenue streams consist of rental income and port dues. The Port of Rotterdam Authority lets port sites to companies, primarily to storage and transhipment companies and to the chemical and petrochemical industries, including energy producers. We impose port dues on ships that make use of our port. We invest in public infrastructure, such as roads in the port area, in customer-specific infrastructure, such as quay walls and jetties, and in the development of new port sites. In order to handle shipping as effectively as possible, we invest in a traffic management system, patrol vessels and emergency control.

Core values

At the Port Authority we work with passion, together with others, on a basis of trust and focused on continuous improvement:


For the port and for our profession.


We cooperate internally, but also with our stakeholders, customers and shareholders as a means of achieving our joint goals.

Continuous Improvement

As an enterprise, we want to continue to learn, evaluate, develop and push back frontiers.


The Port Authority is trusted within its environment and wants to be seen as a conscientious and reliable partner. We continue to build on our history as a world-class port.

Core themes

It is the ambition of the Port of Rotterdam Authority to continuously improve the port in cooperation with various partners in order to be the most efficient, safe and sustainable port in the world. Not only to strengthen the competitive position of the Rijnmond region, the Netherlands and Europe, but also to improve the quality of the living environment in and around the Rotterdam port area. To achieve this ambition, the Port Authority focuses on the following core themes:


The Port of Rotterdam Authority wants to attract, facilitate, encourage and accelerate innovation and renewal, so that the port of Rotterdam will grow into the smartest port in the world.

Accessible port

To strengthen its position as the largest logistics and industrial hub in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is working with several partners to improve accessibility.

Sustainable port

The port of Rotterdam has the ambition to be the most sustainable port in the world. By sustainability we mean the greening of industry and logistics and the quality of the living environment.

Safety and supervision

Rotterdam is a safe port, both on water and on land. This is a basic condition for the functioning of the port of Rotterdam. In this respect, all players in the port have their own responsibility.

Barge with the skyline of Rotterdam


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms an integral part of our operational management and our Business Plan 2011-2015.