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Sustainable port

11 May 2021
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Climate and energy

We strive to counter climate change and want to play a leading role in the global energy transition.

Safe, healthy port and surroundings

We are working on a safe, clean, healthy and appealing port and surrounding area.

We are committed to ensuring that the port and its surroundings are safe, healthy and appealing. We do this by accepting our social corporate responsibility, in other words creating economic and societal value and achieving sustainable growth.

In short, we continue to strive for a big contribution of the port area to Dutch welfare and employment, taking the climate into account. The result: a successful and sustainable port of Rotterdam.

Two employees test an installation at Shell

People make the port successful

Automation, robots and other technological developments are important for the port of Rotterdam, but the people determine a port's success.

A vital port is an inclusive port that offers employment directly and indirectly at all levels and for current and future generations.

We constantly devote attention to the development and vitality of people, so that they can be employed in a sustainable way in the careers of the future.
And we strive to ensure a good business climate, mobility and economic development in the port area so that we can achieve long-term employment for the future.

Wind turbines

Climate & energy (transition)

The port is the spot in the Netherlands where the energy transition takes shape. The strategy for this is based on four pillars. Our approach consists of increasing the efficiency of the existing industry and renewing the energy, ground and fuel system. We are working hard to attract new innovative developments, such as the production of green hydrogen, biofuels and recycling activities. And we create infrastructure such as heat, hydrogen and CO2 pipelines. In addition, the Port Authority is improving the sustainability of marine shipping and transport, for example with shore power projects, facilitating the bunkering of clean fuels. And we reward ships with better (supra-legal) environmental performance with a discount on the seaport dues. Vessels that monitor their own noise production will also receive a contribution.

Rider on horseback in Rotterdam port

Safe, healthy port and surroundings

Safety has the highest priority at the port and is an important establishment condition for companies. In this regard, consider nautical safety, flood resistance, as well as social safety, external security, occupational safety and cyber security. We also want to make the living environment cleaner, healthier and more appealing. This mainly concerns good air, water and soil quality, less noise nuisance and conservation of nature and biodiversity.

What is the Port Authority itself doing about sustainability?

The port of Rotterdam is committed to leading the way in the energy transition and being an accelerator of sustainability in the port itself. Therefore, we are going to accelerate the reduction of our own CO2 emissions. Would you like to know how we will achieve this?


This is how we are working on sustainability

Sustainable development in the port of Rotterdam
3D printen bij Ramlab
Green carpet to the future
Windmills in the port
People of Rotterdam about sustainability
How do we prepare the port for the future? The port of the future is a climate-neutral port, and a smart port where sustainability is paramount. But how do we prepare the port for the future? Emily explains!

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