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Sustainable port

11 May 2021
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We are committed to ensuring that the port and its environs are safe, healthy and appealing.

Energy in transition

We are committed to combating climate change and want to play a leading role in the global energy transition.

People of Rotterdam about sustainability

Rotterdammers tell what they do about sustainability and what they think of a sustainable port.


The Environmental Law has consequences for granting permits for environmentally harmful activities in the port.

We aim to counter climate change while ensuring that the port area makes a significant contribution to Dutch prosperity and employment.

We are challenging our own organisation. And we are inviting stakeholders in and around the port to collaborate on the challenges we encounter in developing the port. Together we will create economic and social value and realise sustainable growth.

Emission-free in 2050

In 2050, the port of Rotterdam will still be an epicentre of activity and employment. However, this will be created by virtually emission-free industry and shipping.

LED lighting in the port

By 2022, only LED lights will be burning in the port. LED lighting is more economical and safer. So you will see more and more LED lights in public spaces in the port area.

Latest news

Aerial photo of Shell Pernis Port of Rotterdam
Energy transition
20 / 9 / 2021

Shell to build one of Europe’s biggest biofuels facilities

Neste, producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel
29 / 6 / 2021

Will there be a time when we can board a plane with a clear conscience for a vacation or business flight?

NExBTL plant Neste Oil, Maasvlakte
Energy transition
16 / 3 / 2021

Neste chooses Rotterdam as intended location for expansion of sustainable fuels production capacity

Nieuwe Maas Rozenburg, Netherlands
15 / 3 / 2021

Trials for reuse of clean dredged material in Rijnmond area

Inland vessel Maas runs on hydrogen in port of Rotterdam
Energy transition
8 / 3 / 2021

Holland Shipyards to construct hydrogen-powered fuel cell propulsion system for inland shipping