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Industry in the port

More than 120 industrial companies and strong petrochemical cluster

11 May 2021
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Energy and electricity

As a result of the strategic location and the existing energy supplies, the port plays a significant role in the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon energy supply.  

Process industry

The Port Industrial Complex includes chemical factories, biofuel factories and vegetable oil refineries. 

Dry bulk

Rotterdam is Europe’s largest dry bulk port, and one with plenty of perspective.

The industrial cluster in the port of Rotterdam is an advanced and diverse complex of petrochemical, logistics and various supporting industrial facilities. It covers an extensive area where oil refineries, chemical plants, electricity production and port activities for dry and wet bulk goods strengthen each other. 

Thanks to the favourable location, excellent infrastructure and hinterland connections, it serves as an important hub for global trade and distribution. The cluster contributes to the regional and national economy and continues to lead the way in sustainable developments for the energy and raw materials transition and innovation to maintain a leading position in the international industry. 

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