Annual reports

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The annual report provides information on the social and economic value that the Port of Rotterdam Authority creates for its stakeholders.

The 2023 financial results were stable, enabling the Port Authority to continue focusing over the coming years on further investments aimed at a future-proof port.Throughput was 438.8 million tonnes. This is 6.1% lower than in 2022 (467.4 million tonnes). The net result was 233.5 million. In 2022, that was 247.2 million. In total, the Port Authority invested 295 million euros, which is more than in 2023 (257.0 million).

Important milestones

This year was dotted with milestones. Porthos for CO2 storage got the green light, the number of hydrogen projects increased rapidly, the installation of shore power made progress, Maasvlakte 2 acquired nearly forty hectares of new land, container terminals RWG and APMT opted to expand their container capacity, and research showed that support for the port of Rotterdam is high. But that is no reason to rest on our laurels; we will be continuing to work hard in 2024.

Stable financial results

We can do this thanks to our stable financial results. We are investing in quay walls and jetties, as well as important infrastructure for the energy transition. In addition, digitalisation and innovation play an important role in our operations and in our work on a sustainable port. This all means we are working to strengthen the Rotterdam port and industrial complex as a strategic and future-resilient hub for global trade.

Working together

Working together is the key to success. We work with businesses in the port, with education, with science, with the government, with other ports and with numerous national and international partners. This annual report describes the results of all that work.

Annual reports

The port of Rotterdam as the safest, most efficient and sustainable port in the world: that is our ambition. The Port of Rotterdam Authority's annual reports make transparent which contributions the Port Authority makes to realising this ambition. The Port Authority has integrated the traditional annual report and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report.