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Seaport dues

11 May 2021
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Are you visiting the port of Rotterdam with a seagoing vessel? Then you will need to pay the Port of Rotterdam Authority seaport dues. In the port of Rotterdam, the amount of the seaport dues is determined by the use you make of the port, the gross tonnage of the vessel and the quantity of transhipment.

Port tariffs

The Port tariffs of the seaport dues are established annually by mutual agreement between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the parties involved. The Port tariffs and the conditions in the port of Rotterdam are listed in the General Terms and Conditions of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Rates for maritime service providers and waste levy are also included in the General Terms and Conditions. To check the current pilotage dues, please consult the website of Loodswezen.

Declaring seaport dues

Via IAMConnected you can declare seaport dues, buoy and dolphin dues and waste charges here. The web portal will ask you to finish a pre-filled form to complete your declaration. This service is free of charge for agents and shipping companies.

Discounts on seaport dues

Many seagoing vessels are eligible for discounts on the seaport dues. For example, the Port Authority offers discounts to sustainable vessels and seagoing vessels that visit the port of Rotterdam regularly.

Maasmond Hoek van Holland
Second call discount
LNG tanker visible in Nile port
Green Award Discount
Aerial photo with view of Erasmus Bridge
Environmental Ship Index Discount
Shovel in large Agribulk carrier
Agricultural bulk discount
ECT Euromax-terminal
Transhipment discount
Container ship enters the harbour seen from the bridge
Quantity Discount

General Privacy Statement

Pursuant to the Amendment Decree of 13 November 2018 regarding Table II of the Turnover Tax Act 1968, the Port Authority of Rotterdam, or our customers, has a fiscal obligation to provide proof with respect to the application of the zero VAT rate on seaport duties. This burden of proof is so burdensome that PoR wants to unburden you, as a skipper, from this task. In concrete terms, this means that we will use your AIS data on legal grounds to fulfil the burden of proof. The Port Authority will of course handle these data very carefully. Although this is not personal data, you can consult our procedure for questions regarding the rights of data subjects.