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Safe port

Safety is a top priority for the Port Authority

11 May 2021
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The Harbour Master's Division

The Harbour Master's Division (DHMR) is responsible for the safe, smooth, clean and secure handling of shipping in the port of Rotterdam.

Flying in the port area

For safety reasons, anyone operating a drone needs to abide by the rules, and in many cases, you need to have a permit.


Electric noses (e-noses) smell dangerous odours better than human noses. Some 250 e-noses in Rijnmond provide a healthy and safe environment.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority works to ensure that the port and its environs remain safe, healthy and attractive. Safety is our number one priority in the port. And not just for local shipping, but also for residents, people working in the port, companies and professional and recreational users of the port area.

Safety is a very broad concept. It can relate to social safety, water safety, workplace safety and cybersecurity. The Port of Rotterdam Authority uses a variety of services and projects to make the port as safe as possible for everyone.

A safe and accessible port of Rotterdam. Both today and in the future!

Our mission is to ensure that the port is a safe and healthy environment, to limit climate change and to create employment opportunities. In 2015 and 2016, we performed the Botlek Water Safety pilot project, which examined potential consequences for the Botlek area of flooding as a result of climate change.

Safety at Port Development

At Port Development we preside over safe design and we monitor safe implementation. Our priority is safe use and maintenance. We are the client and are responsible in every phase of our projects for ensuring that everyone goes home safe and healthy.

Safety on land

By order of the Rotterdam Municipality and the Province of South-Holland, the DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond (DCMR) and Safety Region Rotterdam Rijnmond (VRR) oversee safety on land. The Port of Rotterdam Authority participates actively in incident control in and around the port.

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