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Vessel Notification (Sea Shipping)

11 May 2021
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A sea-going vessel that calls at the Port of Rotterdam should make an Electronic Notification to the Harbour Master (EKH) of its port call. A call comprises an inbound and an outbound voyage and any warping movements.

Electronic notification of vessel port call

Electronic notifications should be made via the PortBase Vessel Notification service. The agent is responsible for sending the Electronic Notification of a vessel’s port call and for forwarding changes to the port call including correct inbound and outbound times, changes to berths or the addition of any warping movements.

  • The Notification of a vessel’s port call should take place 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • Notification of a vessel that needs to use the Eurogeul (draught greater than 17.40 m) should be made 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Every change or deviation to times of 30 minutes or longer should be forwarded as quickly as possible

This enables us to prevent unreliable information from being distributed throughout the chain and the Harbour Master and other parties in the port are correctly informed about the expected vessel port call.

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PortXchange is an application that shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers can use to optimally plan, execute and monitor all activities during a port call. This includes pilotage, terminal use and bunker services.

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