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Facts and Figures

The port of Rotterdam in numbers

11 May 2021
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Facts and figures from the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the port of Rotterdam.

Port of Rotterdam Authority: approximately 1,300 employees, revenue approximately €842 million and gross investments €295 million. Port area: 12,500 ha of port area (land and water, of which over 6,000 ha is industrial sites). Length of the port area: over 40 km. Cargo throughput: approximately 438 million tonnes of freight a year. Shipping: approximately 28,000 seagoing vessels and 90,000 inland vessels annually. Employment: approximately 193,000 jobs (directly and indirectlyRotterdam-Rijnmond). Added value: €30.6 billion, 3.2% of the Dutch gross domestic product (GDP).

The port of Rotterdam generates over 500,000 jobs and provides an added value of over €60 billion for the Netherlands.


Total cargo throughput in the port of Rotterdam this year amounted to 438.8 million tonnes, 6.1% less than in 2022 (467.4 million tonnes). The fall was mainly seen in coal throughput, containers and other dry bulk. Throughput rose in the agribulk, iron ore & scrap, and LNG segments.

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