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Energy transition

Towards a CO2 neutral port

11 May 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority collaborates with companies in the port and the government on a future-proof port with net zero CO2 emissions. That demands a change to an energy system based on fossil energy to a circular economy. To achieve that, work is being carried out on more than 60 projects in the port based on four strategic pillars.

4 pillars

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s strategy towards a CO2 neutral, circular economy rests on four pillars. Read here what each pillar entails.

Pijler 1
Efficiency and infrastructure
Man bij Air Liquide
A new energy system
Man wijst naar terminal
A new raw materials and fuel system
container binnenvaartschip
Making logistics chains more sustainable

Top 12 energy transition projects

Learn more about the 12 energy transition projects we are working on with our partners. From Porthos to hydrogen and from shore-based power to Warmtelinq. On the map below we give an insight into all energy transition projects in the pipeline.

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Energy transition projects

Show projects based on:

Pillars Status


  •   1 - Efficiency and infrastructure
  •   2 - A new energy system
  •   3 - A new raw material and fuel system
  •   4 - Sustainable transport

Status of projects

  •   Operational
  •   In progress
  •   In preparation

Zoom in on a location in the port

Entire port Maasvlakte Botlek Center
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Welcome to Europe’s Hydrogen Hub. In the podcast series Hello Hydrogen, host Celwin Frenzen dives into the world of hydrogen, which is coming to life in Rotterdam.

Making waves

In this series, you’ll hear from people who are committed to a smart and sustainable port of Rotterdam and our planet as a whole. Let them inspire you and help make that a reality.

Maud Eijgendaal
‘The energy transition will be impossible to achieve without a raw materials transition'
Hedi Visscher of Port XL
Innovation without a magic sceptre
Randolf Weterings
Green hydrogen: not so much a pipe dream, more a reality
Nico van Doorn
‘The energy transition is like a rubber band’
Maike Akkers
Energy transition in the pipeline


We are happy to roll out the green carpet for entrepreneurs in the port of Rotterdam with sustainable initiatives. Check out, read and let the stories inspire you.

Air Liquide's Diederik Luijten

More information? Contact:

Nico van Dooren
Nico van Dooren
Director New Business Development