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Flood Risk Management

Prepare for flood risks

11 May 2021
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Almost all the port areas are located outside the flood defence system. Read about what this involves.


Look at the strategy for each port area.


Read about which measures you can take.

Sea levels are rising due to climate change and the risk of flooding in the port of Rotterdam is increasing. The situation is not urgent but we want to take the appropriate steps in good time.

We are a water-secure port

In terms of flooding, the port of Rotterdam is currently one of the safest ports in the world, and we are working hard to maintain that standard. However, possible floods can have a major impact. So in recent years, we have worked with stakeholders and experts to develop an adaptation strategy for each port area.

This approach is in line with the Delta Programme. The adaptation strategies address flood risk management in the port and identify the most cost-effective measures. Examples include raising land locally or waterproofing vulnerable assets and facilities. Given the fact that your location is situated outside the flood defence system, it makes sense to look at flood risk management where you are as well, and to make improvements where necessary. Read more about measures you can implement yourself.

Webinar on flood risk management

How can the Port of Rotterdam Authority and business work together to protect the port against flooding? The risk of flooding is increasing for the businesses located outside the flood defence system in the port of Rotterdam because of sea level rise.

Water safety webinar

Adaptation Strategy

In order to ensure that the port area remains flood-resistant in the future, we are looking into possible flood risks and how we can prevent or manage this to an acceptable level. The programme aims to increase the awareness and sense of personal responsibility of users in the area. In considering various climate change scenarios, we are developing an adaptation strategy for coping with flood risk in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam, other governmental organisations, companies and Deltalinqs. We are mapping out the probabilities and consequences of flooding, weighing up the risks and listing and selecting appropriate measures.

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Botlek and Vondelingenplaat aerial photo
Botlek and Vondelingenplaat
aerial photograph of the Waal-Eemhaven area
Merwe-Vierhaven area from the air with the Juice terminal in the foreground
Europoort aerial photo from Caland Bridge to the sea
Maasvlakte 2
Aerial view of Dordrecht harbour
Dordrecht and other ports