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Climate Change adaptation

16 June 2023
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The earth is warming up and the climate is changing. Sea levels are rising and extreme weather is becoming more and more common. We are increasingly faced with heavy rainfall, but also with warm and dry periods.

Climate change

This also affects the port. Together with authorities and companies, we are looking at the impact and the measures needed to ensure that the port remains resilient to climate change in the future.

Flood risk management

The port is largely situated outside the dykes, which means that dykes and barriers do not fully protect the port. This makes it more vulnerable to rising sea levels. However, the port areas are situated high, making them relatively well-protected. Together with stakeholders, companies and experts, we have developed strategies to anticipate higher water levels (adaptation strategies) for all port areas.

This will ensure that all parties in the port take timely, appropriate and cost-effective measures to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a flood. This approach is aligned with the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden Delta Programme.

Closed maeslandtkering
Flood Risk Management
Shoretension schip aan kade
Thermometer met hoge tempratuur en zon
Lage waterstand rivier met schip
Lower river water levels
Plas met vallende regendruppels
Luchtfoto Brielse Meer
Saltwater intrusion