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Port of the future

31 March 2023
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Making Waves #3

Randolf Weterings (38) has a strong inner drive. He is going for an entirely sustainable Rotterdam port and society.

Port of the future

Together we can build a future full of opportunities where we can do business, innovate and thrive.

Hello Hydrogen

In this portcast, we give you a special insight into the spectacular world of hydrogen, which is coming to life in Rotterdam.

The port of Rotterdam is fully committed to hydrogen, which will play an important role in a new, sustainable economy. Hydrogen plays a key role in making industrial processes more sustainable, for transport, and as a building block for green chemistry.

Green hydrogen will soon be produced at the port. In addition, green hydrogen will soon be imported on a large scale. Which Rotterdam parties are making the transition to hydrogen? Meet the key players.

Port of the future

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