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Hello Hydrogen!

26 May 2021
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Welcome to Europe’s Hydrogen Hub. In the podcast series Hello Hydrogen, host Celwin Frenzen dives into the world of hydrogen, which is coming to life in Rotterdam.

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Randolf Weterings. Photo: Marc Nolte
Randolf Weterings. Photo: Marc Nolte

The world of hydrogen is coming to life in Rotterdam

In episode 1, Celwin talks to Randolf Weterings from the Port of Rotterdam about the status of all hydrogen projects in the port of Rotterdam, and to Diederick Luijten from Air Liquide to find about their hydrogen projects.

Artist impression of a hydrogen plant
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Producing hydrogen by electrolysis

If we want to use hydrogen, we have to produce it. We can do this via a process called electrolysis. To find out all about this process, Celwin talks to Afkenel Schipstra from Uniper and Rene van der Meer from the PosHYdon project.

Marthe Fruytier. Photo: Marc Nolte
Marthe Fruytier. Photo: Marc Nolte

Hydrogen carriers

Hydrogen can be bound to various other components, in order to be used in a different way or transported with more ease. These are called hydrogen carriers. But which ones are there, how do we produce them? And what more can we use them for? To find out, Celwin speaks to Marthe Fruytier (Port of Rotterdam Authority) and Feikje Wittermans (Vopak).

Artist impression of a hydrogen tanker
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Importing and storing hydrogen

In the previous episode, we learned all there is to know about the different hydrogen carriers, which we'll use to import hydrogen in the future. But where are we going to get that hydrogen from, and how will we store it? In this last episode of the season, Celwin talks to Martijn Coopman (Port of Rotterdam Authority) and Robert-Jan Reuvekamp (Air Products) to find out.

Earlier episodes

Hydrogen in Rotterdam

The Port Authority is working with various partners towards the introduction of a large-scale hydrogen network across the port complex, making Rotterdam an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application and transport to other countries in Northwest Europe.