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Supply Chain Talks - The Portcast

15 June 2021
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The must watch talk show for global supply chain professionals is now available as podcast. After each edition of the Supply Chain Talks we sit down with one of our guests and continue the conversation. Start listening while preparing lunch or take your podcast with you as you go on your daily walk.

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#6: Margriet Geluk, Young Port Talent of the Year

While being in the midst of the transition to a sustainable society, we simultaneously see sustainability increasingly becoming a competitive factor throughout the supply chain. Digitisation of logistics processes is inextricably linked to this development.

Margriet Geluk, Supply Chain Engineer at the NPRC and Young Port Talent of the Year explains how young talent can make the difference for companies searching for ways to be compatible with the supply chain of the future. How is she contributing to the climate goals and why is attracting talent with a more digital profile decisive for success?

Margriet Geluk

#5: Bart Leenders, Port Man of the Year

Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel refined from waste and residues. The Finnish company serves a strong purpose: to create a healthier planet for our children.

In this Portcast we learn from Bart Leenders, vice president Renewable Products at Neste and Port Man of the Year, how they managed this transformation from a ‘traditional’ petrochemicals company into a frontrunner in the field of renewable biofuels. What is his personal mission and what advise can he give parties in the logistics chain to contribute to the climate goals and start their own transformation?

Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring Bart Leenders (Neste), Port Man of the Year.

Anouschka Laheij in conversation with Bart Leenders

#4: Evelien Bras, FERM

COVID-19 has shined a bright light on the state of cybersecurity around the world. The pandemic led to an influx of cybercrime. The FBI reports that since the start of the coronavirus, cyberattacks have increased by 300%. This trend, also highlighted by Google, showed the company blocked over 18 million coronavirus phishing attempts each day since the start of the pandemic. Overall the cyber threat trend continues to increase as people and businesses are accelerating the digitization of their operations.

In this Portcast we talk to Evelien Bras, Director of FERM, who has made cybersecurity her top priority. We will talk to her about the need to increase awareness and how to prevent cyberattacks. By means of the Port Cyber Resilience Programme FERM, the port of Rotterdam is stimulating cooperation between companies and is actively increasing awareness of cyber risks in order to become also digitally the most secured port in the world.

Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring Evelien Bras – Director FERM.

Anouschka Laheij

#3: René de Vries, Harbour Master Rotterdam

In the port of Rotterdam the Harbour Master's Division receives reports on approximately 230,000 port calls a year. Until recently, those reports were made by email and telephone.

These days, 80% of them are processed automatically because the data are right. Data as such are not that valuable. The value is to be found in the insights the data delivers, and in the application of data to optimise the infrastructure, the transport and the handling of cargo.

Digitalisation makes automation possible and it leads to better decisions based on data. So it is more important than ever to connect the available space, infrastructure, transport and logistics, not just in analogue ways but also digitally. In this Portcast Harbour Master, René de Vries gives us an insight on how the port is preparing for the future: will autonomous sailing be a viable option anytime soon and where does he think the increase in container ship size will end?

Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring René de Vries – State Harbour Master Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Anouschka Laheij in discussion with René de Vries

#2: Bart Kuipers, Erasmus Centre for UPT

As the world reels from another disruption to the global supply chain during the blocking of the Suez Canal, while coping with the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, it has been a challenging time for all parties in the global supply chain.

But how well can you prepare for the unthinkable? What will be the long-term impact? And what could have been done to avoid this full stop in the supply chain? In this Portcast Bart Kuipers gives us all the details on the resulting situation and provides an outlook on what might happen in the aftermath of these recent logistical challenges.

Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring Bart Kuipers PhD - Port economist, Erasmus Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Bart Kuipers

#1: Annet Koster, Director KVNR

Did you know 90% of world trade is transported by ship? And around 1.7 million seafarers on 61,000 ships make sure global trade continues 24/7 even during a pandemic and we never run out of supplies? These are the facts.

Yet the general public does not seem to be aware of how crucial and progressive the sector is. It is an industry that deserves more credit and appreciation for the important role it plays in our daily lives. Annet Koster is on a mission to change the perspective of the maritime industry for the better and show the world how innovative and advanced this sector is. Tune in now!

Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring Annet Koster – Director KVNR - Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners.

Host Anouschka Laheij

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