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Supply Chain Talks - The Portcast

15 June 2021
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The must watch talk show for global supply chain professionals is now available as podcast. After each edition of the Supply Chain Talks we sit down with one of our guests and continue the conversation. Start listening while preparing lunch or take your podcast with you as you go on your daily walk.

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Season 2

Episode 4: Replace in maritime shipping | which fuel will be next?

Alternative fuels will play a crucial role in making container shipping net zero. But what will be the fuel of the future? And when can we expect zero-emission shipping? We explore this in the episode about the fuel switch, featuring Naomi van den Berg (Port of Rotterdam) and Ilyas Muhammed (Hapag-Lloyd), who will dive deeper into the concept of replacement within the supply chain.

Episode 3: How to reduce waste with end-to-end supply chain visibility

Did you know that digitisation helps to make port logistics more sustainable? But how does visibility of your container from sea to inland contributes to CO2 reduction and a more sustainable chain? In this podcast, learn how Portbase and APM Terminals Maasvlakte 2 are working together to achieve supply chain resilience and help cargo owners in making their operations more sustainable

Episode 2: Rethinking supply chains with Ricoh Europe Supply Chain

The demands of today's consumers are forcing manufacturers to make more sustainable choices. Goodbye to the short-term approach and hello to sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. But how can this be achieved? Partnering with RICOH Europe Supply Chain, we're discovering their innovative approach through reporting and rethinking their supply chain.

Episode 1: Accelerating sustainable supply chains

Your cargo doesn’t stop at the port. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is committed to improving the end-to-end supply chain for shippers and forwarders. Join host Sofie van den Enk and her guest Matthijs van Doorn (Vice President Commercial at the Port of Rotterdam Authority) as they discuss the journey of the port and its partners towards a sustainable and efficient container supply chain.  

Season 1